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[The Big Bang Theory] Flash Mob 2014

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. @superjack17 Eso habría que preguntárselo a él, pero se puede especular que
    quizás no le guste bailar, o más fácil, que no fue a los ensayos.

  2. Got any idea what the song name is? :D

  3. The Big Bang Theory Geek

  4. Vitória Martini

    Jim got the moves! Lol, so glad he’s actually dancing in this flash mob and
    not just watching like he did on the last one.

  5. Jim can dance!!!!!! he’s actually not that bad! SHAKE IT BABY, SHAKE IT!
    And, name of the song please!

  6. Kunal can seriously dance! :D

  7. Jim’s turns are so cute! Lol

  8. That Indian Bruno Mars though.

  9. Jim can actually dance!
    Love Uptown Funk too!

  10. 4:56 um, why were they booing?

  11. jose jesus leon nuñez

    [The Big Bang Theory] Flash Mob 2014: https://youtu.be/ODOmKIrZ4WU

  12. The girl in blue on the right has a new admirer… Wow!!

  13. Well, we know the majority of them are in pretty good physical condition!
    That’s a heck of a workout. Who’s the chick to Kaley’s left (hair in bun
    with blue long sleeve shirt)? She’s probably the best dancer.

  14. Yann Van De Sype

    #bigbangtheory #flashmob #uptownfunk
    Excellent :)

  15. Andrea Donzuso

    WHAT the fuck was doing leonard AHHAHAA 

  16. Man that guy in the tank top front row can really dance… oh wait

  17. woo hoo…finally #jimparsons took part ….@ #thebigbangtheory Flash
    Mob 😛 😛 😛 #Bazinga 

  18. Was I the only one who wanted to see more of him and mayim?

  19. Priscilla Barron

    lol Jim is so cute, i just wanna put him in my pocket and take him home XP

  20. Where is Johnny ? lol

  21. gokul krishnan

    Happiness is watching Dr. Cooper dance :)

  22. chevaunne callaghan

    Oh god! I love this! Just love it! And while Kaleys got the moves, Jim and
    Kunal have GOT the moves! Now I really really want to marry Dr Sheldon
    Cooper! Or have Jim as my bff! Best video!

  23. Wrathful Harbinger

    Girl closest to the right in the blue shirt going in…women that can dance
    like that…are prefect :)

  24. The asian gay guy with the blue sweater and black jeans is dancing the best
    of all. X

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