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Talked About Scene: Episode 706: Mad Men: The Strategy

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five


  1. this is pretty much what we’ve all been waiting for

  2. They may sleep with many people, but deep down, on a very subconscious
    level, they’re soul mates waiting to happen.
    imho, for Don and Peggy, they are the woman/man they’ve been looking for
    their *entire lives*.

  3. alejandro espinoza

    I’m Barely on season 4 finale but imma catch up so I can watch the whole
    7th season in 2015…great show and I hope watching this scene didn’t spoil

  4. How the fuck did elisabeth olsen not get an emmy nomination this year? So
    pissed off!! 

  5. Elizabeth Moss was perfection this entire episode! The way she portrays
    peggy’s emotions is just spot on. Peggy’s facial expressions have been the
    best part of the whole season actually.

  6. Sinatra tied everything up nicely! 

  7. Annalee Sepanski

    This scene made me into a little sap.

  8. More Fag Men I love it!

  9. *Mad Men**, Season Seven Midway Break*

    There really isn’t much to say about *Mad Men* at this point. Probably the
    most noteworthy thing is that we are halfway through Season Seven, and the
    show is still running on all cylinders. *The Sopranos* lasted six seasons, *The
    Wire* lasted five, *Deadwood* only three. A few shows made it to seven: *The
    Shield*, which was fairly consistent over the years and featured one of the
    greatest finales of all time; *Buffy the Vampire Slayer*, which peaked in
    Season Three but was never less than good. But *Mad Men* has been one of
    the best shows on television every season, and that’s the definition of
    noteworthy in the modern world of long-form series.

    As we await the final seven episodes, a few questions in particular come to
    mind. Will Don Draper finally progress beyond his general dickheadedness?
    There has always been a fear that Don would continue to repeat past
    mistakes, which might be realistic but which doesn’t make for very good
    episodes in the later seasons. But he had his fall, and is now giving hints
    that he might have seen a bit of the light. Peggy Olson has, from the
    start, been the female character most likely to grow over the decade, and
    that in fact is happening. It’s still up in the air whether she’ll be Just
    Another Don Draper, or will be able to be a whole person, both as a worker
    and off the job. Sally Draper isn’t a primary character, but her growth has
    been fascinating to watch. (I’m convinced that she was never meant to be
    anything other than marginal, but that Kiernan Shipka demonstrated from the
    start that she could handle whatever Matthew Weiner gave her … outside of
    Jon Hamm, I’d say Shipka will one day be seen as the breakout star of the

    It’s fun to see the show make it to 1969 … not just the moon landing, but
    Burger Chef (where I had the one and only fast-food job of my life). But it
    has always been apparent to anyone who looks beyond the surface that *Mad
    Men* can’t be reduced to a reconstruction of the 1960s. As Tim Goodman has
    insisted since the series began, the essence of *Mad Men* is the story of
    the existential crisis of its lead character. There are countless secondary
    characters, some of whom are important enough to be more than secondary.
    But this is a show about Don.

    Some of those other characters have been more finely drawn than others.
    Peggy and Sally are great, but they never seemed to know what to do with
    January Jones as Betty, which is a lost opportunity. It remains hard to
    believe that closeted Sal Romano never returned … Bryan Batt was so good,
    and Sal’s character so interesting, that having him get fired to show how
    attitudes towards homosexuality stood at the time was a big mistake.

    Having said that, there are so many characters in *Mad Men* that we still
    care about, and the possibility of another classic episode is always there,
    and did I mention, it’s Season Seven? *Mad Men* isn’t just great, it is
    historically great.


  10. Anyone who isn’t watching this series is really missing out. This scene was
    so complex. Great cast, great writing, great direction. Just a great piece
    of work.

  11. Linda Strazzella

    that was an amazing scene…watched it 5 times wow!!!!! acting at its

  12. So many emotions

  13. hulkhatepunybanner

    Unrequited love or father-daughter thing? I missed this. I haven’t seen a
    single episode since Blockbuster went out of business.

  14. Peggy said “1965 was a great year” and says that her 30th birthday was two
    weeks ago. It all reminds me of that beautiful Don & Peggy episode from
    season 4 called “The Suitcase”.

  15. htc explorer

  16. Emmy performance right there for Elisabeth Moss. Amazing.

  17. MissAnimeFreak513

    Good to see the old Peggy back.

  18. Dimitri Vincheov

    Feminism has failed you Peggy…stop trying so hard to be the boss! this
    scene was powerful!!!!

  19. I loved this scene! So well written and it’s about time Peggy and Don
    returned to being on the same side of the fence ^_^

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